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iNNpulsa Aldea Program



In partnership with Innpulsa, the Colombian innovation agency, S4S has been chosen again to work directly with promising innovation startups to mentor and support them to scale globally. S4S provided its services in the first version of the ALDEA program. But the second version is a highly scaled up version. Through a highly competitive process including hundreds of service providers, S4S was chosen as one of the providers to support, mentor and accelerate young innovation companies on a one-to-one basis.



S4S designed a multi-modal program across a three month time frame including 16 hours of face to face intensive bootcamp, 10 weeks of weekly online mentoring sessions, access to S4S’s full online business building course, How to Start a 21st Century Business and additional access to S4S’s highly regarded online webinars, The S4S Masterclass Series.



S4S is now beginning to work with a selected group of startups with the highest potential for growth and will continue to do so for the next three years 


S4S was the only international company to be chosen at all and S4S is the only company that has been chosen to work with innovation businesses in the creative industries in addition to STEM and digitial startups.

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