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Advising & developing public policy

S4S has a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses in developing countries. As a direct result we have seen how public policy can help, hurt or be indifferent to startups and entrepreneurs. We have a long experience in working closely with government to analyze conditions on the ground and to work collaboratively to develop policy initiatives to promote and accelerate an entrepreneur-led economy. Prior work includes developing the small business policy for the UK government, designing the apprenticeship educational system for the UK and developing policies to support alternative funding channels for early stage businesses. You will find examples of each below.

“Because entrepreneurship is critical for economic growth and prosperity, policymakers are honing in on entrepreneur support as a vehicle for stimulating economic development in emerging markets. Seeding more and more promising new ventures, and then smoothing the path from “small” to “small-and-growing” is seen as a viable means to create new jobs, as well as a viable alternative to traditional employment-based livelihood approaches". 

Accelerating Startups in Emerging Markets


The Richard Report

Small Business and government


The Richard Review



Funding the Future

The stages of startup funding

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