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School for Startups South West Peninsula



In January 2014, on behalf of the UK government, S4S designed and implemented a programme of activity to achieve the following goals; Create 250 jobs in the South West Peninsula Region and assist in the provision of £1,953,000 match funding for the startups and small businesses. Given the rural area and very large geography, (over 9,200 square miles) mapping of the ecosystem was critical to the intervention. S4S mapped the entire region and developed the basis for future government interventions.



S4S developed an intensive Six week course which combined world-class training, personal business advice and individual support. This tailored training resulted in every participant gaining the knowledge and skills required to write and prove the content of a comprehensive business plan and cash flow for their business. This immersive course took place in seven locations across the South West Peninsula Region between June and November 2014 and reached over 380 businesses.



419 jobs created and £2,503,297 of private match funding as a result of the School for Startups South West Peninsula Programme.

97% of respondents were satisfied with the course, 77% of which were very satisfied.

97% of participants were likely to recommend the course to a friend.

Overall participants agreed that the course improved their skills and confidence across all topics

I learnt more in one hour of this course than I did in a whole year of my business degree”. Mirek Wilewski. “It was amazing today, thank you soo much!!!!”

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