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School for Startups Nigeria



S4S was hired by DFID, Federal Ministry of Finance Nigeria, and he World Bank. The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWiN) initiative is the largest business plan competition in Africa. The main objectives of the programme were:

1. Attract innovations from young entrepreneurs 2. Provide a one time Equity grant for 1,200 selected aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business; 3. Provide business training across all geo-political zones in Nigeria; 4. Encourage expansion of existing businesses in Nigeria



S4S provided direct training of the 1,250 entrepreneurs comprising over 32 hours of live face to face training to all 1250 entrepreneurs in the form of 2 x 2 day boot camps across each of the six ge-political zones of Nigeria. S4S hired 30 local mentors each of whom received 16 hours of preparation. The mentors were then distributed throughout Nigeria to provide mentoring to the 1250 entrepreneurs. S4S managed and monitored the Mentors across the 12 months of the program. Additionally S4S managed the distribution of $65 Million USD in the form of grants to each of the 1,250 based on milestones supervised by the mentor staff.



80% of participants were very satisfied with the training they received. 75% of participants reported they would now focus differently with their customers and the market 60% of participants reported they felt very capable to now build their own cash flows. 93% of participants reported they would be implementing a new sales strategy in their business. After the training on hiring 90% reported they would implement a new hiring process. As a direct result over 80% of the businesses showed revenue growth.

“I am grateful to God for this life-changing initiative. The boot camps organized by S4S were extraordinary. A dream that could have taken years was made a reality in 1 year."

Saeed Jumah, Smile Shop

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