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Paul Smith 

Helping creative corporations become entrepreneurial



S4S was asked to provide consulting to the Paul Smith Fashion Design Company in pursuit of it improving its global supply chains to enhance net profitability. The project was designed as a short term intervention and focused on the Brand Managers and Key Buyers who have the most control over potential profitability.



The project consisted of a pre-workshop set of instructions and homework to prepare the Key Buyers to develop ideas to bring to the workshop. The workshop was an intensive 8 hour day during which the ideas were interrogated and defended. Following the workshop the Key Buyer put into action the ideas that had proven potential.



According to the Finance Director, within the succeeding 6 months there was a noticeable increase in net profits directly tied to the actions flowing from the workshop.

"I really enjoyed it. They were inspirational and different and got everyone thinking outside the box. He flips everything on its head and makes you examine your thought process and makes you question yourself!"

“We are often taught that people are either creative or business minded. In reality, and with a little help, people can be very good at both. The School for Startups provides that help.”

Ashley Long, Finance Director, Paul Smith

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