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Strengthening the support capacity of 250 of the UK’s leading Universities and Colleges



S4S was funded by the UK’s Business Agency (BIS) to deliver short form workshops to help Universities become more innovative: for the students, for the academics and as an institution. To help educational institutions meet the difficulties of a world with fewer jobs, global competition and increased pressure on public resources.



The program delivered 3 different workshops: Challenge Workshops. Half day, interactive workshop to encourage and develop employability and enterprise skills. Impact Days targeting student with ideas to help develop their business model Educators Day: Targeted educators who led enterprise education in their organizations and Leaders Day: Designed for the leaders in universities to help their institutions become more entrepreneurial.



Over three years S4S delivered over 45 Introductory events, 27 Advanced events, reaching over 10,650 participants and 250 educational institutions. It was the largest program ever run and helped change the capacity of educational institutions to foster innovation.

“The members of this Task Force unanimously agree that our critique and recommendations are based on a combination of factual evidence, personal experience and advice from the business community, and are equally applicable whoever is in Government. This is not an ideological report rooted in any political philosophic tradition. We hope it is read and acted upon in that spirit. “ 

Douglas Richard, Chairman Task Force

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