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Teaching UK’s angel investors and small businesses how to raise money



IN 2012 the UK government introduced an investment program designed to encourage individual investors to put their money into startups. The program, called the Small Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) was somewhat complicated. The government commissioned S4S to develop a nationwide awareness scheme targeted at startups and potential investors



S4S developed a nationwide series of one day events that were delivered in over 20 cities across England and Wales.. The workshops, called “Windows of Opportunity” provided startups and investors an overview of all their investment options in addition to the government’s scheme.

Also, S4S created a series of short animated videos to make the program understandable by the general public. The video is shown below.



The workshops reached over 3,490 entrepreneurs and investors between October 2012 and March 2013. The videos were viewed over 100,000 times and the SEIS program was the most successful program of its kind ever. Since SEIS was launched in 2012 8,440 individual companies have received investment through the scheme and £799 million in investment has been raised.

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