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USAID Global development bank

USAID’s Global Development Lab hosts two open innovation programs:​​

  1. Grand Challenges for Development. Grand Challenges for Development focus global attention and resources on important problems and promote a series of innovative approaches to solving them. Since 2011, USAID and partners have launched nine Grand Challenges.

  2. Development Innovation Ventures is USAID’s open innovation program that tests and scales creative solutions to any global development challenge.


The Catalyst project is a five-year, $24 million buy-in mechanism that provides institutional support and technical assistance in the design and implementation of innovation and challenge programs. 

S4S, in partnership with Interlink Capital Strategies, has been chosen as a prequalified vendor to provide business development support in 9 of the 10  categories to innovation and challenge program grantees. The categories are:

  1. Needs Assessment/Business Diagnosis

  2. Sales

  3. Market Research and Expansion Strategy

  4. Marketing/Communications

  5. Fundraising/Investment Readiness/Financial Systems

  6. Human Capital

  7. Partnerships

  8. Product Development, manufacturing and Engineering

  9. Strategic Advisory

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