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Delivering the most successful accelerator for creative businesses globally



Our mission was to create a dynamic culture that promoted creative entrepreneurs; that taught them critical skills, and provided them with world-class support that would help them succeed. Our goal was to show them how to create a viable, scalable enterprise around their creative skills so they could continue to explore their creativity in a sustainable fashion.



100 entrepreneurs joined a 1 year program combining action learning, intensive interactive teaching, boot camps, workshops, distance learning and mentoring. It was supplemented by detailed curricula & taught by sector experts. The program drew investors, press, buyers, and the public to the entrepreneurs. Over 4 years we worked with 100’s of amazing startups, helping them to grow and accelerate.



Over 93% of the startups were in business and growing 2 years after the program. 73% of the product startups were in retail distribution. 94% said the program significantly increased their confidence in their business skills and helped them improve their business model. 98% said they would recommend the program and 11% received substantial funding.

“I will forever be indebted to School for Startups for providing me with the skills and confidence to grow a successful business. They supported from an idea, through launch and onward to growth”


Katie Henry, Founder
Art in Offices Ltd.

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