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The Largest festival and exhibition celebrating creative startups



S4S’s mission was to create a dynamic culture that promoted creative  entrepreneurs; that taught them critical skills, and provided them with world-class support that would help them succeed. Our goal was to show them how to create a viable, scalable enterprise around their creative skills so they could continue to explore their creativity in a sustainable fashion. As part of that mission we believed it was essentail that the young businesses get accelerated access to distribution and retail buying relationships, access to investors, access to the media and access to the buying public



S4S launched the Makegood Festival; a celebration of creative startups. It combined  showcases, pop-ups, marketplaces, song, dance, theatre and a conference all rolled up into one glorious 4 day event in central London 

Makegood takes decayed urban spaces and fills them with the most scintillating pop-up shops, people and products emerging from the creative startup community to create a festival environment for the creative community. Makegood is one part cultural festival, one part immersive pop-up marketplace, one part start-up tribal gathering and one part networking event for the creative industries.

Makegood is designed for:

  • Independent creative business owners and their communities

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives that want to learn how to live from their craft

  • The general public, shoppers and fans of contemporary culture

  • Investors, press & media

  • Buyers from the world’s leading brands and retailers

  • Leading consumer press from across the world of contemporary culture



20,000 festival visitors over 4 days including buyers, distributors, the popular press, the buying public and key investors. Makegood ran for four years and helped launch and grow hundreds of creative businesses.

“I have been on other business courses, but have never done one that has made so much sense and so much difference to my business in such a short space of time."

Erika Paganini, The Tasty Pastry Company

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