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Helping Colombia's most successful creative startups



S4S worked with the Colombian innovation agency, iNNpulsa, and the Culture Ministry, to help grow the creative economy in Colombia through a specifically designed, multi‐part course for local aspiring creative entrepreneurs, as well as for local staff and teachers from Colombian organizations that supported entrepreneurship and who wished to further develop and internationalize their skills.



The 15 participants (including

creative entrepreneurs and trainers) were taken to London for a 6‐day interactive workshop. The course combined live teaching sessions, interactive exercises, and real life scenarios, with site visits to incubators, accelerators, resource centers and more. To finish the participants pitched their projects to a panel of business experts, investors, press, and buyers.



8 companies doing apps, animation, music, theatre, festivals and design all described the experience as one of the most important events in the life of their business.

The public organizations included Chambers of Commerce, Regional Support Organizations and Agencies learned best practices and were taking the curricula home to teach to embed it in their own support system.

"My experience was extraordinary , the whole team is spectacular , the experience they have in handling the

business model shows. I feel much more sure of myself . Realmente exceeded all my expectations , I could not have made a better investment. You discover that there are infinite possibilities and ways to do what you are passionate about , alive and eager to continue to do so throughout your life.

Natalia Muños Rozo/ Macondo Lab, Creative Colombia Program Participant

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