School for Startups Chocó & Putumayo



In support of embedding the peace process after the peace accords were signed in Colombia, S4S delivered a program working with Afro-Colombian and Indigenous women in Quibdo and Putumayo. The “Women empowerment project through entrepreneurship” was financed by the United states embassy in Colombia and the Security and Peace Fund. The program worked with 30 women from each of the two regions.



The project had 3 specific objectives: To increase participant ́s effectiveness with respect to business and entrepreneurship skills and knowledge. To Increase the active participation of women in cooperatives and business associations. To help the businesses become scalable and grow. The program lasted six months and included intensive training, ongoing mentoring and a festival at the end to celebrate the young businesses.



The result was the 60 women, and the cooperatives were able to move from “informal” businesses to officially established businesses, they grew sales outside of the Chocó and Putumayo regions, and create independence for themselves as women led household

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